A brokenhearted god.
A woman carrying the collective hate of mankind.

How many times will you sacrifice yourself before giving up hope?


Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices is a story-driven, fully cooperative board game for 1-4 players with cinematic miniature battles, leading your heroes to found a new future for the land of Yamashiro, set in a fictional medieval Japan,

Use diplomacy to alter monsters’ and bosses’ behavior.
Develop your combat stances and switch between them in combat.

Manage and advance your city‘s features to bring about prosperity.
Pursue different missions at the same time with a unique quest system.

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“Why don’t you sit here and meditate with me,
instead of following shallow human ideals?”


The dice & card driven combat system allows you to develop your personal martial style by switching between 3 combat stances while you are in battle.

Each stance has different pros and cons and can be paired with different skills and techniques to craft your own martial style and teach it to your dojo’s students.

Dozens of roles and builds to experiment with to challenge smart enemies that will learn from your strategies, changing their fighting style according to your actions!


Use your charisma and diplomacy to alter monster and boss behavior in combat. Violence breeds violence, and it may not always be the best way to deal with your enemies.

Sometimes, asking a mighty but honorable foe to stop may be the only way to save your companions. Other times, you will be able to get special rewards.

Some enemies may even remember that time you treated them with respect…


Adventurers shall not live by dungeon raids alone! 

The city of Yamashiro needs resources to develop facilities and services for the people – and adventurers.

Resources you find during your raids will be used to advance Yamashiro’s economy and population with a hex tile placing system. Choose carefully where and how to place buildings, as they will determine which skills, items and jobs are available, as well as your monthly income, and may even influence monsters behaviour and loot drop rates during raids!

“As for myself, I am nothing to the Shogun because I could not be a mother.
But in this accursed land without a lord… I can free myself from the words
that control our tainted society, and make my own law.” 

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