So Long, My World


Humanity is dying, and there’s no escaping it. Only a few hours remain before human existence disappears forever.

The cause is still unknown, and no matter how you struggle, your life will soon come to an end. With only a few hours before your departure, what are you going to do?

A whirlwind of emotions rushes through you, and a glimpse of self-awareness blossoms. Will you be able to discover your true nature, before the End?

You will need to choose wisely how to spend your final few hours- Will you search to warm your heart or explore the depths of the dark madness by following destructive desires? Beware others are exploring their own madness and may do whatever it takes to obstruct you on your journey.

So Long, My World is a labor of love, our attempt to prove that board games can be art. The result is a gorgeous, limited edition with the finest quality art.

So Long, My World is a strategy card game with simultaneous action selection for 1-5 players. It comes with a unique art style combined with an immersive and emotive theme.

Challenge other players in a competitive multiplayer game or play a campaign specifically designed for 1 player and unveil the truth behind the true nature of humankind.


“The purpose of all life is death.”


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