Daimyo’s Fall is a stand alone multiplayer deckbuilding game for 1-5 players set in the Japanese Middle Ages. You take on the role of a noble lord or lady fighting to seize the fallen daimyo’s palace and capture the treasure.

The Daimyo of Yamashiro has fallen, and upon his death a great curse has befallen the land.

The local nobles and warriors  have begun to fill the power vacuum… along with outsiders looking to claim the throne! Some only crave for the wealth hidden in the daimyo’s deserted palace, while others have greater ambitions, trying to discover the truth beneath the curse and claim the power that unleashed it.

Will you be the next daimyo of Yamashiro or will you fall to a greater enemy?

Choose a Hero among 22 different ones, then build your deck from over 80 different cards to fulfill your Hero’s specific conditions called Loot Conditions. When these Loot Conditions are fulfilled, you can take a treasure card, which grants you endgame points and powerful effects.

A colorful art style will introduce you to a story of betrayal, liberation and hope set in the Sengoku period. Enjoy a deep backstory with more than 40 different characters, each with unique personalities, backgrounds, and motivations. The team has focused especially on history, philosophy and folklore of Japanese Middle Ages giving you a product that can match the best anime series.

  • Asymmetric gameplay! – The starting Hero of each player is different and has unique skills and Loot Conditions.
  • Change your victory conditions! You can buy more Heroes or change the Hero you started with during the game to have more Loot Conditions. Part of the strategy is to change your Loot Conditions adapting them to the flow of the game and looting more treasures, even in a single game your deck is going to continously evolve and change to adapt to the different situations.
  • Sell your cards back! – Not only are you going to be buying new cards to make your deck stronger, but you can also sell the cards you no longer want to gain more wealth and buy even more powerful cards! Your control over your deck is absolute.
  • Control the card pools! – Players may control the cards that will be revealed in the market by gaining Trade Points. Players can decide to focus on a strategy that will reduce the randomness of their game!
  • Ninja or Samurai: In Daimyo’s Fall, every card has a class: Ninja or Samurai, with their own characteristics and weak points. Each of them has specific bonuses and skills, and only by mastering all of them you will dominate the battlefield. Will you go with the powerful but straightforward samurai cards or with the hard to master but with much more combo possibilities Ninja cards?
  • Control the game time! – Each time a Hero card is revealed or a Treasure card is played, the petals fall from the tree. Will you delay the end of the game to score more points, or push it to press your opponents?
  • Two sides to choose! – Every type of card has two different sides, ninja or samurai. Choose carefully, as they both have different abilities and bonuses!
  • High skill cap. The Loot System is challenging but rewarding. Before mastering all the game’s possibilities you’re going to play more than a few games.



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