Daimyo’s Fall: Dice Tuners is a fast-paced competitive card & dice game for 2-4 players. Recruit the best warriors and fight in close quarter battles!

Choose your guard and counter the attacks that will come from every direction! The position of each player around the table actually matters, and like in a real melee fight you will have to raise your guard against your fearsome opponents, choosing a parry maneuver for incoming attacks!

With 34 cards and 15 dice, DF: Dice Tuners is a portable yet deep game. A little, stylish product made by the delicate touch of Axis Mundi Games!

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Choose your set of dice and strike!

Each die represents a guard (high, mid, low) and a type of action (attack, defense, sheathe). Players can choose one die per turn and only for one of the three attack directions.

Once all the dice are chosen, it’s time to attack!

Die positions will determine not only how players will attack opponents, but also how they will parry the incoming attacks and strike back from each direction that turn.

Each blow dealt is a victory point. Players compete for three rounds, then whoever has the most victory points is the winner!

Special abilities and new recruitments: use cards to surprise other players!

Help your strategy with powerful cards, but be careful: only the cards matching the right guard can be played, and every non played card would allow you to rectruit more powerful heroes during the next round! Balance your strategy and overwhelm your foes!

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