“I’m the Goddess of Void, the true incarnation of Death.

These thousand souls which I command have no value compared to
my deepest desire: to kill the one who crowned me with nothing.


Death Goddess Izanami is a sculpture based on Izanami-no-Mikoto, creation goddess and deity of the underworld in Shinto mythology, the archaic Japanese animistic tradition.

Death Goddess Izanami is a model that focuses on the emotions as other models in the industry never did.

The sad majesty and woeful glory of a tormented goddess, the divine terror and death anguish of the departed, mere phantasms of the former consciences they were… all of this is brought to live by a sculpture devised to match the style and the strenght of neoclassical statues as never dared before. 

“I shall bestow upon you a rest, eternal.”

“The purpose of all life is death.”

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