“I still remember how that blade tore my body to pieces.
Punished for my nature, not for my will.

Although what’s done cannot be undone, you still owe me something.
If I had been different, would you have loved me… FATHER?”

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    Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices is a solo-cooperative campaign game set in a fictional version of medieval Japan.

    Take control of several heroes arriving to assist the city-state of Yamashiro, a land destroyed by the quest for the Unseen, and help the city survive its grim destiny.

    Experience an adventure in which you’re free to decide what activities the heroes pursue, where they explore, who they meet and how they interact with their opponents; all of which organically generates a unique storyline inside of the main plot that moves the destiny of Yamashiro.

    Fight monsters and human foes in psychologically-intense encounters where personality and tactical manuevering are paramount. Intimidate or provoke your enemies to scare them or force them to attack carelessly. Use your diplomatic abilities to calm dangerous, psychopathic entities until you are able to backstab them or plead on the behalf of honorable opponents. Manage the stress of battle, seek to understand your opponents’ perverse intelligence and use that knowledge to destroy them or to find a way to save them from destroying themselves and everyone you hold dear.


    The city of Yamashiro is an immense micro-universe where the lives of the citizens, heroes and enemies are tightly intertwined. Experience a unique adventure that unfolds over the course of 12 months during which you decide what activities the heroes pursue, where they explore and who they meet.

    Craft equipment, revel in festivals, expand the city, take advantage of the amenities of its many facilities, and explore personal relationships with the town’s inhabitants as well as its assailants.

    Procedural Narrative

    No walls of text.

    No “Yes/No” choices.

    Sankokushin instead wraps you in its unique story as you experience Yamashiro without confining you to a guided plotline. Instead of presenting you with only narrative choices, the storyline is organically generated by the heroes’ actions during both the combat encounters and the city phase.

    It is impossible to experience all the outcomes in a single playthrough as they are a reflection of your unique playstyle so different gaming groups will have different experiences.

    Intelligent Enemies

    Each of the 10 bosses included in Sankokushin has a unique personality and story arc that is closely linked with the overall narrative. You will learn to love and hate their twisted personalities and will see that the methods used to fight them will deeply influence their future behavior across the campaign.

    They learn from your strategies and change their attitude towards you (and the way they fight!) according to the way you psychologically approach them thanks to the unique communication system.

    Sankokushin is designed by a small team whose knowledge in the fields of psychology and psychoanalysis have made possible bosses with realistic, uncanny, and perverse personalities that will show you the darkest sides of human nature.

    “The karma of the executed falls upon the killer.

    We will never be free from this ceaseless spiral of
    cause and effect we call our world.

    I… just wish there was another way.”


    The world of Sankokushin is original, brutal and beautiful.

    While the setting is fictional, we have spent countless hours poring over legitimate academic literature to fill it with accurate references to the mythology, history and folklore of Japan as well as other Asian cultures.

    We put incredible effort into giving Sankokushin a strong edifying identity by delving deep into philosophy, history and psychoanalysis. Yamashiro is a fervent city where Shintoism, Buddhist temples and even some influences from Hinduism co-mingle, creating a small but vibrant universe that will delight players seeking more from a board gaming experience.


    Beautiful Sculpts

    Sankokushin core game has 14 unique, high-quality miniatures.

    We are already making test 3D prints with high quality RCP30 resin by renowned master printers and casters to ensure they can be mass produced smoothly and with great details.

    Human models are in 38mm scale.

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