• 0xe03solislumen REBOOT says all players must return all their Marks of Sol to the System. The rulebook says that by spending 1 Mark of Sol you can negate a REBOOT effect, how this card works?
    It cannot be negated. 
  • Can I discard/draw a Gestalt card with World’s Edge Pub vision effect or any other similar effect?
    Unless specified, when the game uses the word card it is addressed to Remnant cards. So in this case the answer is no, it’s only for Remnant cards.
  • Causal Intervention: Do we take back Vision Tokens already played and play a different one, or do we play an additional (second) vision token?
    You take back the already played tokens and choose new ones. Basically the other players are forced to change their Vision choice this turn. 
  • What happens if I declare a karma that is not present into the Gestalt deck when I Observe?
    If a player cannot find a card of the declared karma and the deck runs out, the Mark of Sol is not spend and the deck is reshuffled. While it’s true Gestalt deck should be build with [player number]x2 Gestalt cards and they should be randomly chosen, nothing stops you from building the Gestalt deck you like or that you find more suitable for your table.When preparing a game you may choose Gestalt card to set a particular atmosphere!


  • If I play another time a card, do I read its event again?
    No, but you can resolve again its sequence effects if it has any.
    Also, you may always sequence a card to a card with the same name obtaining the bonus written on the right of that card’s title in the scenario event for that card. 
  • How Special Person’s effect works?
    Exchange with the System.
  • What happens when an effect allows me to move from a Vision to another?
    After moving, you may repeat the Reach an unlocked Vision action.
  • Can a Reboot be the first Event card? Even if it would kill my game?
    You must accept your fate, no matter how cruel.
  • Do I need to play through the full 12 hours for a Path or would I stop if I unlock all 6 visions?
    You must always play a Path until the final hour or until you trigger an ending for any reason. After the final hour, check that Path’s Standard Ending. 
  • On Path of Desire have must Slaughter be unlocked for the ‘all Vision unlocked’ condition?
    No, it doesn’t count. 


  • If Heaven Hear My Prayer: Remnant Phase = Vision Phase.
  • Wells of the Sun Reboot, Error Code: The Sun – Put the obliterated deck back into the box and not into the discard pile. 


  • La Prova di Edipo: Affetti = Sentimenti.
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