“Our death is scary. We don’t want to die. 

But we are going to die anyway.

And I’m… I’m so scared of death.”


Humanity is dying, and there’s no escaping it. Only a few hours remain before human existence disappears forever.

The cause is still unknown, and no matter how you struggle, your life will soon come to an end. With only a few hours before your departure, what are you going to do?

A whirlwind of emotions rushes through you, and a glimpse of self-awareness blossoms. Will you be able to discover your true nature, before the End?




So Long, My World is the first board game that directly asks the player to think of their own death and the implications of it.

Is morality universal or a mere construct?
If nobody can speak of you and remember of you, has life a purpose?
If soul is located inside my body, does it means that the soul is a physical being?

These are only a few of the many questions the players will face.

So Long, My World is the first board game that brings philosophy to the table, asking players to explore the structure of language and reality. Players will find endless references to philosophy. In particular, it is based on existentialism, structuralism and psychoanalysis.  

“We were designed to die. But who could be so cruel to design us this way? It… It makes me sick.”

“We live on forever in our descendant’s memories through our civilization.

But now, the immortal future is here, consumed by the moonlight.”

So Long, My World is a labor of love, our attempt to prove that board games can be art. The result is a gorgeous, limited edition with the finest quality art.

So Long, My World is a strategy card game for 1-5 players. It comes with a unique art style combined with an immersive and emotive theme.

Play a campaign specifically designed for 1 player or challenge other players in a competitive multiplayer game and unveil the truth behind the true nature of humankind.

“Laugh with a friend, sit under a Linden tree, take the escalator between the opulent chandeliers of the mall, and go out into the open air, let the scents of spring take over you. All activities you have repeated countless times, and now you realize with amazement that this time is your last. Every particle of this world so familiar to you will soon become and forever remain unattainable.”


“The purpose of all life is death.”

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